1. Premium Starter Kit (comes with diffuser and 11 essential oils) . To see this item click on this link:  www.youngliving.org/aoconnor
  2. Lavender* This comes in the kit mentioned above
  3. Home Diffuser * This comes in the kit mentioned above
  4. Lavender Rosewood Soap Bar 
  5. Lavender Foaming   Hand Soap
  6. Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil
  7. Blue Cypress Essential Oil
  8. Cedarwood Essential Oil
  9. Lemon Sandalwood Soap Bar
  10. Thieves Household Cleaner
  11. The One Gift (book)
  12. Ortho Ease Massage Oil

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Alie's Wish List:

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  1. Aroma Complete Kit
  2. Ledum Essential Oil
  3. Melissa Essential Oil
  4. Dream Catcher Essential Oil
  5. Rainstone Diffuser
  6. ​Art Skin Care