or NingXia Red in a Martini Glass for Breakfast?

These are our Ningxia Red Singles (packets of our Ningxia wolf berry puree).  

Great for on the go, great "trick or treat" gift even if you still give out candy.

Options of 30, 60, or 90 pack that now come in 2 oz 

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Are you looking for a healthy drink or an alternate from coffee?

Are you ready for the perfect Halloween Drink?

Have you tried our Wolfberry Crisp Bars?

Did Anyone Say, 
"Halloween" ???

Ningxia Red Is A Very Tasty And Healthy Drink, And...
It Makes The Perfect Drink For Halloween.


What do you drink?
Do you drink healthy drinks?
NingXia Red is made with NingXia Wolfberries that come from the NingXia Province in China.
‚ÄčIt is a blend with other fruits, and essential oils.

Do you drink alcohol?  Do you supply your body with healthy choices?
Do you supply your body with not such healthy choices, but maybe try to add a little "health" somewhere in there?

If you really want to have fun for Halloween, make shots serving NingXia Red.  It's goolishly RED.
NingXia Red is a great drink for Halloween, if you don't believe me, just try it!