To order your diffuser, you can start out by getting your very own "Premium Starter Kit" that comes with 11 essential oil and a diffuser, by clicking on my link here: and click on the left side tab that says "sign up here" and this will give you member discounts. Or you can join as a retail customer and order only the diffusers you desire.


The picture to the right is our "Premium Starter Kit" with our bamboo diffuser.  The diffuser lights up at the bottom and has a very elegant look to it.

It has 2 options of running 1 hour or 4 hours with an automatic shut off when it runs out of water.

Above and below are pics of our "Dew Drop" diffuser.  You can order it separate or get it in your Premium Starter Kit that comes with 11 essential oils. The pic shows you 10 of the 11 oils that come in the starter kit.

Below are 2 different diffusers with interchangeable covers so you can change the theme as the kids grow older from T-Rex to Dolphin Reef, to Sundance (horse)